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Assigning Membership

Your site group structure should mirror the structure of your organisation. Giving people membership of the appropriate groups enables you to send mailings to the group, complete attendance records if required, add people to a group rota/schedule etc. In addition by adding people to the relevant groups you can give them access to private content (eg articles, forums, events ...) that is specific to group members e.g.PA team training notes.

Please also read the article on Independent Groups, to explain how you can have members in a separate group where they are NOT members of all the groups above this in the site tree, in this case the following does not apply.

The Golden Rule of Membership

"Membership of a group in the web office automatically implies membership of every group above it in your group structure."
For example, in the following groups:


Membership of The Marriage Course group will automatically make you a member of the Church Life group, and the Courses and Events group.  The advantage of this approach is that when a new member joins The Marriage Course group the group manager for Courses and Events knows that this person is now involved. (The only exception to this rule is when the group is Independent. In this case being a member of an independent group does not make you a member of any groups above it).

Adding people to groups

You can add people to the correct groups using the Add another person to the group task, located under the Members tab in the Web Office. Consult the group membership manager article for detailed instructions on how to do this.

My Membership

If you are permitting people to apply to sub groups, they can apply to join new groups using the My Membership page on the web site. They can tick the areas (i.e. groups) that apply to them and these will appear as applications in the Web Office. Group administrators can then approve these applications. More details on this are also within the group membership manager guide.