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Organisation Directories

Directories are designed to store details about organisations. A directory of organisations can then be displayed on your web site or be used for organisational mailing lists. This guide explains how to set up a directory, add organisations and their staff members.

Creating a Directory

  • If you haven’t logged into the web site already, do so now. Click the Login link on the homepage and enter your login name and password. Click the web office link to enter the web office administration area.
  • Select a user group folder or your contact database beneath which you would like to add a directory. The main work area will be updated with the Summary view for this group.
  • Click the Advanced Options link at the bottom of this area.

    Advanced options not available? You will need the group structure permission in order to create a directory. Contact your local website administrator for the necessary permission.

  • Click the Create a sub-group below groupname task
  • Enter a name for your new directory e.g. ‘Partners’, then select the directory option from the group type selector.
    If the directory option isn’t available you need the Directory Admin Permission granted. Contact your local web site administrator for the necessary permission.
  • Click the Create Group button; you will be re-directed to the Summary tab of your newly created Directory.

    Can’t see your directory on the site? You won’t be able to see your directory on your website until you have added an organisation and a directory component to the layout. Follow the instructions below to add an organisation and how to display it on your web site.

Adding Organisations

Organisation details and staff members can be stored in a directory and displayed on your web site.

An organisation can be added in the following ways:

Individually through the Web Office

  • Select the Directory folder that you would like to add an organisation to.

  • Click the Organisations tab.
  • Select the Create a new organisation in the directory name directory task.
  • Enter the Name and Description of your organisation and click the Create Organisation button.

  • Add any further details about your organisation e.g. Address. by selecting the relevant tab and adding the appropriate details; you should save your changes before you move to another tab.
  • When complete, click the Save button to commit your final changes and then Close to exit.

Multiple organisations from an existing database

When initially setting up your directory you may have an existing organisation database you wish to import. If you export your database as a comma separated file .csv, then you can import the organisation records as follows:
  • Click the Organisations tab.
  • Select the Import organisations from a CSV file task.
  • Follow the instructions through the Import Records wizard to add your organisations.

Organisation registrations

You can set up your directory to allow users to register their organisations. This can be set up as follows:
  • Click the Summary tab and the Advanced options.
  • Under the Registration Options area select the appropriate level of membership required to register an organisation. e.g. Visitors to the site.
  • When the directory is published on the site if the current user meets the directory registration criteria they will see a link to Add another organisation to this directory. Following this link will allow the user to register an organisation.
  • To approve the organisation select the organisation directory, then the Organisations tab and select the appropriate listed applicant. This will open the organisation details window, from which the Approve this organisation’s application’ task can be selected.

Adding Staff Members

Staff member’s details can be stored, and if desired, displayed within the organisation’s details. A staff member can be added as follows:
  • Locate the organisation you wish to add staff members to, by first selecting the relevant directory folder that the organisation is located in.
  • Select the Organisations tab.
  • Next click the appropriate organisation name within approved organisations and the organisation record details will be displayed in a new window.
  • Select the Staff tab, the current staff members added will be displayed shortly afterwards.
  • Staff members can then be added to the group in the following ways:
Add existing site members to this organisation
This task allows you to add a user record that already exists on your site. This should be used if the user already exists.

Add a new member to this organisation
This task allows you to create a new user directly within your organisation. The user won’t have access to login unless you check the editor permission. This permission will send the user their login credentials.
Editor? Selecting the editor permission for a staff member will grant them access to modify the details of their organisation. The user can then modify their organisation’s details through the My Organisations area located under My Area.

Displaying a Directory

Once you have created a directory and have added organisations, then the directory group will appear on the site. You won’t however be able to view the organisation details listing until you add a directory component to the group’s layout.  Note: in the Directory component you may wish to select these specific directory component settings:
  • Where’s my nearest? – If this option is selected an additional search option is added that allows the user to find the nearest organisation listed in the directory to the specified postal code. The nearest organisations are ordered by distance from the entered postal code; clicking on one of the organisations listed will then display their full details.
  • Include Map – If this option is selected then organisations will be plotted on a zoomable map, according to their postal code.

Once you have created a layout that contains a directory component you will needto apply it to your directory and then you should see the organisations you've added become visible.

Creating sub-directories

directory can be separated into smaller directories, just like user groups can be split into several sub-groups. For example if you had a directory of churches you may categorise them by denomination or geographically. This can be achieved by creating a sub-directory as follows:
  • Click the Summary tab of the directory you wish to categorise.
  • Click the Advanced Options link at the bottom of the directory summary page.
  • Click the Create a sub-directory below directory name task.
  • Enter a name for your new sub-directory e.g. ‘Baptist’ and click the Create directory button; you will be re-directed shortly afterwards to the Summary tab of your newly created directory.
Once the sub-directory has been created you can add existing organisations to it. This can be done by these methods:
  • Add many organisations to a single directory group - Through the' Add another organisation to the directoryname directory' task, several organisations can be added at once.
  • Add an individual organisation to several sub-directories – Through the Classification tab on an organisation record you can edit the directories an organisation belongs to.