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How do I display images, events etc for an organisation?

If you wish to display the same rich information you can in a normal group e.g. articles, events, forums etc, for an organisation, this can be achieved by linking your organisation to a group folder.

You could for example list the 'small regional groups' in your organisation within a directory, so they can be listed alphabetically and the ‘Find my nearest’ search used to enable the easy location of the nearest small group to them. Once the small group is selected then it could link directly to a User group folder for the small group that displays articles, events, rotas etc for that group.

You can link an organisation in a Directory to a group as follows:
  • Click the web office link to enter the web office administration area.
  • Select the Directory folder that contains the organisation record you wish to forward to a group.
  • Click the Organisations tab.
  • Next click the appropriate organisation name under approved organisations and the organisation record details will be displayed.
  • Under the Details tab, next to the More Details Group Link select the group you wish your organisation to link to.
  • Select Save and Exit, your organisation should now link directly to the appropriate group.