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Support > Rotas (Schedules) > Question - Can I change the time period before an event, that the rota reminders will be sent?

Can I change the amount of days before an event, that the rota reminders will be sent?

By default, when a new user is created, rota reminders will be turned on, and set to send a reminder three days prior to the event.

The individual user has the ability to turn this off under My Area > My Involvement > My Reminders. Here the user can deselect to receive reminders and choose from a number of days prior to the event to receive the reminder.

The rota creator cannot decide when a user will receive the reminder as this is the personal choice of the user.

You can run a query to find which users have their reminder turned off under the Query tab, using the criteria for 'Rota reminders enabled?' and leave the box blank.

Occasionally, if your users have been imported and you didn't explicitly set this field to 'on' there may be users who by default have their reminders switched off, to avoid this if you are importing users make sure this field is set in the import file.