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Accessing mailings you've previously sent

You can view any mailings you've previously sent through the 'Mailing' application in the Web Office, resend a mailing, or send a new mailing to the same group of people.

Viewing your sent mailings

The mailing centre allows you to see the contents of a previous mailing and use it as the basis for a new mailing. To view your previously sent mailings:
  1. Select the Mailing icon from the left hand navigation to enter the mailing centre.
  2. Down the left-hand side of the mailing centre the Sent Items area allows you to display the mailings stored in either your personal my sent items folder or in one of the group folders. If you are a site admin then you will also see the System Sent Items folder - this folder contains automatic mailings sent from your web site e.g.welcome email, rota reminder etc. Clicking on one of these folders will display the mailings stored in each area within the Web Office work pane.
  3. Click on a specific mailing to view in detail. Once the individual mailing's history is displayed under the To: label you can click on Queue Status to see if there were any failures and even click on the failures to see why they failed. 

Re-using a mailing

Any stored message may be used as the basis for a new mailing using one of the following tasks available at the bottom of the message contents:
  • Forward this mail to a new list of people -send the same message content to a new group of people.
  • Send a new mail to this list of people - send a different message to the same group of people.

Click Tracking

Click tracking provides you with information on how many people followed the links within your mailing. See the article measure your mailing's effectiveness with Click Tracking for instructions on how to add Click Tracking to your mailings.