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Support > Rotas (Schedules) > Question - Users aren't receiving their Rota email reminders, why not?

Users aren't receiving their Rota email reminders, why not?

Check if they were sent the email

First check if the user was sent the Rota reminder that hasn't been received. You can do this as follows:
  1. Open the user's record details in the Web Office (this can be done by searching for them using the Quickfind)
  2. Select the 'Mail' tab on the user details window to display the mails they have been sent from the web site.
  3. Look for the 'Rota Reminder' system mails to see if they were sent The easiest way to view these is to look down the 'mailing Channel 'column for the title 'Rota Reminders'.
If they were sent the reminder email then ask your user to check the email junk/spam folder of their email client. They should also add your site email address (that you use to send the mailing) to their email clients 'whitelist' to make sure they avoid these emails being filtered in the future.

Check if the Rota is setup to send reminders

If the reminder email doesn't appear in the list of emails sent to that user do the following:
  1. Make sure the relevant Rota is published (rota reminders won't be sent from unpublished rotas)
  2. Check the 'send email reminders' option is selected in the relevant Rota settings

Check that the user hasn't switched reminders off

By default rota reminders will be turned on, and set to send a reminder three days prior to the event. The individual user has the ability to turn this off under My Area > My Involvement > My Reminders. Here the user can deselect to receive reminders and choose from a number of days prior to the event to receive the reminder.

You can run a query to find if users have switched their reminders to 'off'. You will need to use the criteria under Record Details for 'Rota Reminders Enabled?', 'is', 'set to', and then choose 'disabled' from the dropdown. This will generate a list of all users who have turned off the rota reminders.

You can't, as an administrator on the site, change these reminder settings for the user yourself, they will need to login to change them themselves.

Note: Rota reminders are always sent out in the early hours of the morning. This is done at a time when there is less activity on the server so performance is not negatively affected. I'm afraid this can't be changed.