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Bulk Order Generation for Payment Groups

There may be occasions where your payment group involves the regular purchase of a product from your online shop – for example in a “CD of the month” or “Book of the month” club.

A group of this type can be set up as follows:
  • Create a new subscription type payment group using the method described above. Set the payment amount to zero.
  • In the settings tab for your new payment group ensure that the following options are selected:
    • In the registrations area ensure that the delivery address option is mandatory for all subscribers.
    • In the payment schemes area set that each payment gives membership for anunlimited period. The payment processor must be set to the same payment processor used by your shop.
    • In the options area change the fee option so that the description reads “Subscribing to this service is free however you will pay for each CD you receive.” Uncheck the disabled option. Set the a user must select between setting to contain “1” in both fields.
    • In the payment details area ensure that the accept online payments setting is checked and accept offline payments is unchecked. The 'if total price is zero' option should be set to treat as online payment.
    • The discounts area is not applicable for this type of payment group. If you wish to provide free products to members of a certain group you will need to set up a special offer on the product you are supplying.

The settings above allow people to subscribe to this service free of charge; each time they receive a CD they are charged accordingly. The benefit of this approach is that each subscriber can be charged appropriately for shipping costs based on your delivery charges matrix (you should of course explain this in your welcome document).

To place a bulk order in the shop:
  • Click on the Shop tab in the web office.
  • Locate the product in your catalogue you wish to order in the normal way.
  • Display the full record for this product by clicking on the product name.
  • In the details tab click the 'Create a bulk order on this product for all members of a payment group' task.
    Note: you must have the bulk order creator permission on at least one payment group for this task to be available.
  • Click the Choose button and select the group you would like to create a bulk order for. Click the OK button to confirm your selection.
  • Once you have indicated your acceptance of the notice concerning bulk orders click the place order button.
  • A list of recipients will be displayed alongside their payment method and delivery region. Select a delivery method for each delivery region represented using the options beneath.
  • Complete the order by clicking the Place orders button. Each credit card will be authorised in turn; at the end of the process you will be notified of any credit cards which failed to authorise. At this stage no money is deducted.
  • Orders created using this process will now be added to the New orders list. Click on this link in the left-hand column to display the list of orders.
  • Click the button for any order which is part of the bulk order. All orders which are part of the bulk order will be displayed.
  • Use the 'Collect payments for all orders in a certain status' task to batch process all outstanding credit card payments.
  • Use the 'Send a mailing to the recipients of this bulk order' to produce address labels if required.