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Publishing your Podcast feed to iTunes

ItunesUsers of iTunes will be aware that the iTunes system operates a searchable directory of podcasts that users can browse through and subscribe to. The audio RSS feed from your Hubb web site is iTunes compatible - so you can publish your site's audio on the iTunes system.

Before submitting your podcast feed you may wish to customise it so as to make it easy to find and improve it's display in the iTunes directory. See customising your Podcast feed for more information. 

To publish your podcast feed, (first download and install the iTunes program on your computer) then:
  1. Click on the iTunes store if it isn't already visible.
  2. Select 'Podcasts' from the iTunes store menu.
  3. From the Podcasts Quick Links navigation, on the right-hand side, select the "Submit a Podcast" option.
  4. You will be asked for an RSS Feed URL. This is the web address of the Audio RSS feed that will be fetched from Hubb, and will be of the form: http://[Your domain name]/Media/rss.xml. Submit this and then follow the remaining on screen instructions.

Please note, you don't have to publish your site's RSS feed into iTunes' global directory in order to subscribe to the podcast feed yourself. To download the latest media uploads on your site automatically you can simply add the feed (drag the orange xml button into the podcasting folder) into your iTunes program to subscribe yourself to the podcast.