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Viewing a contact's mail history

The mail history of a contact will show you what mailings they were sent. This can be useful for checking whether they were sent a specific mailing, if they report not having received it.
You can view the mailing history for a user as follows:
  • Open the user's details using the Quick Find tool, or by clicking their name in the members page.
  • Select the Mail tab; any saved mailing sent to this person will be listed, including automatic emails sent by the system e.g. Rota reminders. You'll only be able to view the mailings that you have permissions to see i.e. only those mailings that you sent or that have been stored in a group folder that you have the mailing permission on. System mailings are automatic mailings sent from your web site e.g. welcome email, rota reminder etc. System mailings are only viewable by people with the Site Administrator permission.


  • Click on any mailing subject to load the contents of the message.