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Going Live

The process of switching on your new web site involves changing the DNS records in your domain account to point your web address to our server.

This process can take some time so please contact us ideally at least a week before you wish to go live.

Do you already have a domain name?

No - We need to purchase one!

We can register a domain on your behalf and make sure it is correctly configured and associated with your web site. In addition we can offer you an domain name based email service, see our Church Email site for more details, or the Hubb email page.

If you would like us to purchase a domain for you, please contact us to let us know what domain name you'd like, and provide us with your full name and address for the registration details. You will be registered as the legal owner of the domain, but we will be listed as the admin, billing and technical contact. You can search for available domain names by going to a domain provider like or The cost for us to register a domain for you varies according to the domain postfix, some examples of pricing are on our Hubb domain name page. We register a domain for two years at a time and will invoice you for the fee after the domain is renewed every two years.

Yes - We already have a domain name!

If you get in touch with us and let us know which domain(s) you are going to be pointing at your site we will add these to the site host names section under the setting section in the web office and we will reply with details of the IP address to use for the A records in your DNS settings.

You will need to change the A record(s) in your domain account to point to our IP address, depending on your domain manager. If your domain is with or we have step by step instructions on how to add the A records and SPF records here for Fasthost, and here for 123-reg.

Note about SPF records:

If you are using emails on your domain then we would strongly recommend adding an SPF record to your DNS settings, this enables email providers to verify that your domain is permitted to send emails via our server. – is our preferred entry for SPF records. We undertake to ensure that this record is pointing at whichever of our servers is sending mail.

This should be added to whatever other details your domain manager/email provider recommends. If they don't recommend anything particular then we would suggest adding the following as a TXT record will be adequate: 'v=spf1 mx ~all' You can read more about SPF records here.

If you are interested in setting up DKIM and DMARC there is some information here on how to do that.