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Do you provide a backup of the data on our site?

Changes to the database are backed up in bulk and sent to our server every 5 minutes. In the event of a severe problem resulting in the total failure of the database server, we would lose a maximum of 5 minutes worth of transactions on the database.

These back ups are not intended to be used for restoring an individual site to a past date to reverse changes that a customer had made to their site, when we restore to a previous back up it will affect all sites on the server. To restore an individual site would involve the developers having to search through the database to retrieve all the pieces of information required, which is time consuming and therefore costly. We can quote for this work, but is not something that is straightforward.

The Audio/video media content is stored on Amazon's S3 service; we don't hold additional backups of this. As you uploaded the content we presume you would still have a backup of this but if you don't, you could download it all by adding your media RSS feed to a software program like iTunes to begin downloading.