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How do I set up a site map?

A Sitemap is a way to tell search engines, such as Google, about the content on your site. Usually, search engines index your site's content by following links on the site, but not all pages can necessarily be found in this way, and so the Sitemap gives you a way to make sure that the search engines know about all the pages on your site.

There is a Menu XML feed format (accessible from the Settings tab under 'APIs') which generates XML adhering to the Sitemap protocol. See the video below to see a demonstration of how to setup a sitemap.

You can choose any feed that you have saved using the Sitemap protocol as your default Sitemap, and this will then be available at http://<your_site>/sitemap.xml. You can submit this file to search engines such as Google. Your default sitemap will also be referenced in the robots.txt file which search engines routinely use to decide which pages on your site to index.