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Group  Calendars

This article shows you how to access the monthly calendar just for a specific group.

A monthly view of events is accessible on an Hubb web site at the Calendar/Month.aspx address e.g. https://[]/Calendar/Month.aspx.

Sometimes you may want a monthly calendar for a specific group. You can configure the calendar component in a layout to display a link to a monthly calendar view of events in the same group as that specified in the component. However, if you want to link to a monthly calendar that has slightly different setting from the calendar component you can create a link to a url with the following syntax to get the precise monthly calendar view you require:

https://[]/Calendar/Month.aspx?ChildGroups={true or false}&Group={group_id}

Alternatively, you can go to an unfiltered calendar: https://[]/Calendar/Month.aspx, set the options you want from the group selector at the top...


... then you'll see the URL change, then copy the URL which will give you the link directly to the calendar for that group.