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How do I add a digital item to my shop?

You can build a catalogue and add digital items in a very similar way to how you add physical items. Read the full steps to building a shop catalogue.

The difference between a physical and digital item is for digital items you'll need to upload a file for purchase under the "Contents" tab of the item settings. Here's a list of the steps:

  • Enter the Shop/Store area of the web office using the method described above.
  • Click the category in the navigation pane where the new item will be located.
  • Click the Items tab for this category
  • Select the tasksbulletAdd a new item to the ‘category name’ category task.
  • The Edit Item view will be displayed; the basic details can be added in the following tabs:
    • Details -  A brief overview of the product including: Title, Author/Artist, Item Type, Publisher, Product Code, Priority, Thumbnail image, Short Description, Product Weight, and Price. This view also indicates if this item is part of any special offers.
    • Full Description - The full description is the text and images used to describe the product in more detail when it has been selected.
    • Contents - Add the contents of your product here. Digital files should also be uploaded under the "Digital Product" column. To provide a preview of a track click on the icon under the "Preview" column. If you have uploaded your digital file already you'll be given an option to "Auto-generate" the preview. This will give further options enabling you to select the portion of the uploaded file you wish to use in the preview. Alternatively you can select a new file to upload for your preview.