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Configuring your Shop Settings

When setting up your online shop/store the first step is to configure your shop settings as follows:
  • Enter the Web Office.
  • Click the Settings icon in the left hand navigation to access the Settings area.
    Settings tab not available? Contact your local web site administrator for the necessary permissions.
  • Click the Shop option in the navigation pane on the left-hand side to reveal the shop options.
Note: if the Shop/Store Settings option is not available contact us to request that this feature be enabled.

Once you have accessed the shop settings you can configure your shop as follows:

  • Shop/Store name - how your shop is labelled on your web site.
  • Shop/Store Status - this setting determines the visibility of your shop. The settings available are as follows: 
    • Off - the shop is disabled. You will need to select one of the other options below before setting up your shop.
    • On - shop administrators only - selecting this option will enable the Shop in the Web Office. If you exit the Web Office you will also see a new Shop/Store option on your site navigation menu, however this shop area on the web site is only visible to users with the Shop Manager permission so users of your web site won't be able to acces the shop.
    • On - live to public - your shop will become visible to vistors to your web site. This option should therefore only be selected once you have configured the remaining items in the shop implementation guide.

Catalogue Options

  • Check to "include catalogue" box to enable your own product catalogue to be featured.

Payment Options

  • Payment processor account - Select the payment processor account you wish to use for taking payments securely through your shop.
  • Enable wallet items - Select this option to enable users to store and re-use a previous card for payment. Note: The card details themselves aren't stored on your Hubb web site. If this is disabled users will be asked to re-add their card details during every visit to the shop checkout.
  • Enable partial payments - Select this option if you wish to enable payment to be possible on part of an order. Taking payments for part of an order is useful if only part of the items ordered are in stock. It is also useful if you are using the Endis paymant processor for your digital download payments (this will be the case unless you've specifically requested we set digital downloads to use your own payment processor) - in this scenario if a basket includes both a physical and a digital item then enabling partial payments will enable you to take the payment for the digital order immediately but take payment for the physical item when it is dispatched later.
  • Gift Aid/Tax Deductible - Can be set to enable shop items you specify to be "Tax deductible". This would only be applicable if you have shop items that may be included for free as part of a donation in the shop e.g.Donate £50 and receive a free CD.
  • Grant credit to approved customers - Enables you to take orders from designated members of your site up to the specified credit limit and allows them to pay later by invoice.
  • Request voucher codes during checkout - Enables shop users to enter voucher codes during the checkout to apply for any voucher code special offers that you've set up. 

Shopping Options

  • Enable wishlists - The wishlist feature enables users to add items to a wishlist so they can find then easily when they return to your store later.
  • Enable draft orders - Draft orders allow users to build up an order and return later to complete it.
  • Phone number required - When enabled the user will be required to enter their phone number during the checkout process.

Advanced options

  • Theme/layout - If no layouts or themes have been explicitly applied to the shop area then the theme and layout header used will be taken from the theme and layout used on the specified group.
  • For customers without a login account - For non-members of your site you can specifiy if you wish to set them up with a "shop-only account" or a "regular member account with login access".
    A "shop-only account" will enable them to sign-up quickly with their email address and a password but it won't create a user account which you can then send mailings to from the Web Office.
    A "regular member account" will require the user to fill in your standard registration form and will create a user account with login details. If this option is selected then you can specifiy which group you wish to make them a member of. If you create an independent group specifically for shop users then they won't be a member of your main contact database and stopping them from accessing content just published to members of that group.
  • Click Save at the top right of the Shop Settings page to commit your changes.