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Design Templates

Your web site is not just about the great features and ease of maintenance – we know that you want to build a web site that looks great too.

There's three different ways you can create a site design which is right for you:
  • The powerful Templates features of Hubb allow you to create your own design then implement styling and templates for different areas of the site.
  • We can provide a unique design for you - contact for more details. 
  • We have a selection of stylish free templates to help you get started. The templates that are free change over time so please contact to find what templates are available.

Want to change your template?

Got a web site or trial site and want to change your template? See how to do this in the video below:-



Themes & Layouts

Prior to the introduction of the Templating system sites were built using Themes and Layouts. While we still support Themes & Layouts we would strongly recommend developing new designs with Templates. For those who are new to Themes and Layouts and need to support an existing site using Themes & Layouts see how to do this in the movie below: