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What’s new in November 2016

The 8th November Release contains the following upgrades:

The team have been busy fixing a load of stuff, but they’ve also had time to create a number of other improvements to Hubb.

Coming soon: Child check-in for your childrens’ work.


  • Improved display in the Article Editor. We’ve improved the way the editor handles CSS files, so we should see a few more things like Google fonts (if you're using them on your site) appearing the same in the editor as they do on the actual website.

  • Group names can now have 100 characters, up from 50.

  • There's an extra confirmation step when setting an article as the group’s homepage, in order to guard against choosing this option accidentally.

  • Changed wording on group security options to make it clearer that you have to be logged in to get the benefits of being a registered user.

  • When using a saved query as a template for a new query, the new query now remembers the columns that were saved in the template, as well as the query criteria.

  • In the site logo layout module, the site’s name is now automatically added as the alternative text to the image, – don’t forget, Google indexes ‘alt text’ so this all helps search engine positioning for your site..

  • In the map component, there’s a new option to stop a mouse scrollwheel from zooming the map.

  • Dates in the mobile view of the calendar now include the day of the week and the ordinal suffix.

  • When users with limited permissions log in to the Web Office, we have hidden (rather than disabling) inaccessible tabs to simplify the display. The user should also be taken directly to the first group they have permissions on rather than the root group.

  • In the Image module, there’s a new option to determine that the image should link to the URL set on the image itself (when editing it on the Media tab).

Bug fixes

Improved the formatting of payment group confirmation/approval emails

Some email programs (Microsoft Outlook, we’re looking at you...) remove what it believes to be spurious line breaks from text emails and this was resulting in some odd formatting. We’ve added some extra line breaks so that the email should still look good – even in Outlook!

We’ve also made some improvements to Payment Group HTML emails so that unused payment schemes are not included in the output – helping the recipient to focus on the information that is actually relevant.

Shop checkout process

Some users would find that their shop basket contents disappeared (yikes!) as they came to the end of the checkout process, resulting in some odd messages about a delivery method no longer being available.

We’ve made some significant improvements in this area which should result in a much more reliable checkout experience.

Other improvements and fixes

  • When adding someone to a rota using ‘Import other User’, no conflict was flagged if that person was already on another rota at the same time.
  • When copying a row from a rota and pasting the users to another event, the user who are already on other rotas aren’t flagged up as a conflict.
  • You couldn’t link to a rota with an apostrophe in its title.
  • Note fields for dates in payment group registrations weren’t displaying the calendar icon next to them.
  • Removed some misleading wording from the article module that stated that, for homepage articles, a link would be displayed if no homepage article was available.
  • Deleted users were still appearing in the listings for job notifications.
  • For scheduled mails that were to be sent only once, an alarming message implied that they were “Scheduled to send every 1 day”.
  • When searching by tag and selected to sort by date, media results were displayed in a random order when they should have been sorted by their publish date.
  • Picking organisation roles in query criteria didn’t work.
  • In query results, trying to sort by the value of a list-type note field would result in (apparently) random ordering.
  • Events ending between 23:57 and midnight couldn’t have resource bookings attached to them.
  • In some places in the system, the default telephone country code was matched to the site’s region rather its default country.
  • Tag clouds showing inconsistent word sizing.
  • Ampersands in titles of saved queries would result in an error when trying to view the results.
  • When logging into the Web Office from the user side, we have made some improvements to the way the selected group is retained.
  • When producing PDF address labels at the last stage of the mailing wizard, the PDF was generated fine, but if you then try to download this file in the Chrome browser, you ended up with a zero length file that couldn’t be opened.
  • When adding a delivery region, the title at the top of the page, and the selected page in the left column both referred to ‘tax’ rather than ‘delivery’.
  • When editing a delivery method, some of the text boxes weren’t wide enough for the data they were expected to contain.
  • For US phone numbers, the sizes of the text boxes were inappropriate for the expected lengths of numbers.
  • Eliminated some redundant steps when logging in as part of the payment group registration process.
  • Removed an unnecessary restriction on required permissions when adding an extra link to an event.
  • Number type note fields had an unnecessary restriction on the width of the text box which meant they weren’t wide enough for phone numbers.
  • The Save button didn’t turn orange when editing module settings in articles, and thus there was no warning when moving away from the page without saving.
  • If you didn’t have documents & media permission on the root group, you would get an error when trying to use the Quick Find.
  • The grammar police noticed that we were saying ‘Less options’ in the Quick Find when we should have been saying ‘Fewer’.
  • For some reports which were showing data over a period of time, the time axis on the graph was reversed.
  • Got an error screen when adding an author field to an article list mini layout.
  • Changes to comment security settings made from the ‘Forums’ tab didn’t save.
  • Unable to rename a font file in template assets.
  • Default styling for the Instant Messenger module has been improved to work better with new templates.
  • Organisation imports containing fax numbers caused an error because we were incorrectly restricting the length of fax numbers.
  • We have fixed the display of some article lists modules which were showing incorrect listings.
  • Adding a thumbnail image with a link to a full size image in an article wasn’t working.
  • We have fixed an error which occurred if you were editing images or document files (via the Media tab) in two different browser tabs or windows.
  • In old-style layouts, the options selected in the dropdown menu module for the root group layout determined which “My Area” pages appear in My Area itself. However, when a new-style template was used for the root group, these options weren’t picked up.