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Custom Fields

Custom Fields are entities that allow extra bespoke information to be stored on the site or permit custom configuration of what is displayed to the user.

Custom Fields that relate to users or organistions (Users, Organisations, Registration, Delegate) are by default 'non-global' but can be set to be global. Global Custom Fields are extra pieces of information you would like to store alongside the normal user or organisation information fields, they are therefore information you would store for all users or organisations across your site. Non Global Custom Fields are only made available where necessary on the site.

Custom Fields are created and managed in Site Sttings > General > Custom Fields.

There are various custom field types:-
  • User
  • Organisation
  • Article
  • Event
  • Group
  • Registration
  • Delegate

Selecting the type of custom field in the dropdown select list will display all current custom fields of the type. 

To create a custom field for a particular type - select the type from the dropdown select list and under the task button select "Add a field" or in the bottom right corner hover over the "+" icon and select the field icon.

Categories of Custom Fields

If the site uses custom fields extensively having a single list of custom fields in Site Settings or, for example, in the user records may be not be very manageable. This is where categories can help. Every custom field can be configured to appear in a specific category; so, for example, say all users on the site attend various training courses and all information related to this are held in custom fields - a 'Training' category could be created and all the relevant fields moved to this category.  This is not just for the administration of the custom fields but also affects the display of the custom fields in the user record etc.

Category names and whether the category is to appear closed or expanded can be edited by selecting the pencil icon to the right of the category name.