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Embed a Google Calendar into your Website

You can embed a Google calendar following the instructions on this page:

This requires pasting code in the Source code mode of the editor.
TIP: Type 'xxx' in the article where you want to calendar to start and then find the xxx in the article code and paste your Google calendar code there.

One thing to be aware of though is that if you're planning to use rotas in Hubb, then these require the events concerned to be in the Hubb calendar – this also supports email reminders to those on the rota, so it's worth thinking if you want to go this route as rotas would then require some duplication (never a great idea when data is concerned).

Furthermore, if events are created within the Hubb calendar in the part/group/folder of the system they pertain to eg. Musicians practices created in the Worship group or Counselling Team Prayer created in the Counselling group, you can set these to only appear in the Calendar to people who are in those specific groups, allowing people to see a personalised calendar for them when they log in – and these specific team events don't clutter up the calendar for most people, as they're not relevant to them – that won't be possible if you are embedding a calendar into the site.

As a general rule we would warn against importing the google calendar into the site because when you import a calendar each event will be a standalone event. So if for example, you want to edit the start time of your Sunday service, you will need to do this individually on each event rather than once in a series if you create the event as a series in the web office.