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How to Export iCal feed of Resource Bookings

Some people have asked about being able to export an ical feed with the details of resource bookings to use externally, for example to plug directly into their heating system. There are instructions for this here:

1) Create a user called "PLEASE.DO_NOT_DELETE_OR_MERGE" and give it full permissions to Resources (this is important otherwise if the user who created the links is ever deleted or merged, the links will stop working)


2) Log out and log-in as PLEASE.DO_NOT_DELETE_OR_MERGE user

login as do not delete user

3) On Resources tab, choose room / folder, change to: date to a long way in the future (or whenever you want the link to become invalid)
choose folder and date

4) Click Update button

update button

5) Click Tasks -> Print or export this information

Print and export task

6) Right-click “ICS for calendar applications” link and choose “Copy link address” (or equivalent depending on browser)

choose ical link

7) Add the copied feed link to your favourite calendar app or your boiler programming system!

Any time the boiler programmer requests that link, we create a brand-new up-to-date list including all bookings for that folder / room including setup & clear-up times and send it as an ICS file.

The link can also be added to most calendar apps or Google Calendar under Other Calendars -> Add by URL - but beware that Google servers only go round collecting the latest info from our servers once per day so the info in Google Calendar can be up to 24 hours out-of-date.