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What’s new in January 2018

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Our latest round of improvements to the Hubb platform is now live. Here are the highlights:


recaptchaWe have launched the latest version of 'Recaptcha' which protects your forums, website forms and registration pages from spam.

The version previously in use in Hubb is shortly to be discontinued by Google and, in any case, has largely been rendered useless over the years as ever increasingly sophisticated spammers have found ways to circumvent it.

The new Recaptcha, which is now included automatically on all forums, forms and registration pages when the visitor is not logged in, works to a great extent invisibly. Visitors may not even see it, but if the alogorithm is unable to determine that they are human, they will be asked to complete a small challenge (for example, 'click all the squares that contain cars').

RecaptchaTCsWhen the Recaptcha is active, a logo with T&Cs will display in the bottom right of the screen.

The new Recaptcha is mobile friendly - it displays and works well on all screen sizes.

Free text notes on user records

We've often been asked for a place simply to write notes on user records - perhaps the outcome of a telephone conversation, or some more details about family circumstances that simply don't fit anywhere else. We've added a new tab to the user record called 'Notes' (see what we did there....) where you can write, edit and delete your notes. You can write as much as you like, and it's all saved with the date and time, and with the name of the person making the note. When notes are edited you can even see the history of edits.
To get started, go the Notes tab of a user record and hit the '+' button. Once you have added a note, you can edit it by clicking the pencil. After editing, you can see previous versions of the note by clicking History. Once you're done with the note, click the bin to delete it!

Uploads are included in Quick Find

You can now search for your uploaded media, images and document files in the 'Search the site' box in the Web Office.

Resources improvements/fixes

  • Resource series can now be longer than 30 bookings (now up to 365)
  • When extending an existing booking series, resources are now auto-confirmed when they should be.
  • When creating a booking series and setting it to be approved, all bookings in the series are approved at the same time, providing they don't conflict.
  • Deleting a booking series now only produces a single email listing all deleted bookings.
  • Fixed an issue where some resources tabs/functions still appeared on sites where the Resources feature was turned off.
  • We've made some performance improvements.

Payment group improvements

We've added some new 'always show' options that give you greater control over the data that you request during a payment group registration.

Until now, once a piece of data (e.g. someone's address) has been filled in, we don't show or ask for that data again the next time the same person registers. This was intended to simplify the registration process, but the downside was that the person registering had no opportunity to check or amend data they had already supplied.

Now you have the option of having the data display regardless of whether it has been entered before, and you can continue to specify whether the data is mandatory (the person registering has to enter something) or optional (the data is requested but doesn't have to be entered).

To get started, head on over to your payment group, click the settings cog and then the 'Registrations' tab.

We have also:
  • Made it possible to step backwards in the payment group wizard without necessarily first filling in all of the details in the current step.
  • Ensured that adults are correctly marked as adults, for use in the child-checkin system.
  • Fixed a bug that meant that resending delegate confirmation emails didn't always work correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where some delegate details would not be pre-filled, or even disappear, in the booking process and have to be re-entered.
  • Ensured that delegates removed from a registration when editing are also removed from linked (benefit) groups.
  • Made it possible to hide payment groups from site search. Go to a payment group, click the settings cog, then click 'Access'. The setting 'Include in user-side search' controls whether the payment group appears in the search or not.

Import organisation locations

Following our new feature in a recent release to allow you to set exactly the map locations of your organisations, we were asked if it could be possible to include location data with imports of organisations. We have added this, so you can now include latitude and longitude with the addresses of imported organisations.

Article links module

In the properties of an article (under 'Advanced') you can add 'Accompanying Links'. These have been with us for a while, but there was never much control over where they could actually be displayed. We have added a brand new template module.

Some other new features

  • When setting site membership status in bulk after a query, you can now also set the membership start date (if setting membership to current) or end date (if setting membership to former)
  • Group and article summary images can now be added as a merge field in meta tags. This can help you to set up some useful tags which can help, for example, when displaying links in Twitter feeds.
  • We have done some work to standardise the appearance and behaviour of various group, category, folder trees across the system. Whilst this is largely a 'behind the scenes' change which shouldn't impact functionality, you may notice a few subtle differences in the way particular trees appear and behave from what you might be used to.

Bug fixes

We are committed to ironing out issues as soon as we find them or they are reported; here's the list of other things we've taken care of in this release:
  • There were some oddities with some settings when printing an address book from the Web Office, including - in some circumstances - being unable to add photos to the Large Print address book.
  • When picking custom fields to add to a registration form, the dialog was impossibly small. We've given it a bit more room.
  • Saving a rota with a very long name sometimes resulted in the rota becoming inaccessible. 
  • When changing the address of an organisation the location plotted on a map didn't always update. This is now fixed, but please note that if you have set the location manually then this won't update with an address change until you clear the manually set location.
  • Downloading digital files from the shop prompted a security warning. 
  • When editing an item in the shop, rather confusingly the category name would show at the top of the screen instead of the item name. 
  • Exporting data from a query that included phone numbers for 1st and 2nd family members would cause an error.
  • In the listing of template assets, the function to change the view between list and icons wasn't working.
  • There were a couple of bugs with jobs that meant that the dropdown listing of users who you could assign a job to wasn't appearing, and subsquently that you couldn't close the job.

Coming up....

Bye bye Chatter

None of our current customers are using the 'Chatter' feature which is one of the oldest parts of the Hubb system and is based on Adobe Flash, which is fast disappearing from the web. We will soon remove this feature from the web office but.....

A new, improved 'My Area'

We have been working hard to revamp the My Area part of the system to make all your users' information much more accessible across a range of devices. Keep your eyes peeled for news of its launch.


We wrote to you at the end of last year about the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will impact us all in the way we handle data. We will be releasing some new features in the coming months to help you meet your obligations.