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Quick start guide

Note: Check-in requires internet

All devices used for check-in must be connected to the internet. This is because check-in is a live system that can be accessed from multiple places at once, and each of those places needs to stay synchronised via our servers.

Step 1: Launching a basic check-in kiosk

  • Go to www.[]/checkin in a web browser and log-in to see a list of events that are available for check-in.

    If there are no events showing, check the following:

    • Make sure you have Attendance permission on the groups that you want to start Check-in for

    • By default, these are any events that are starting within the next hour (the default time for a check-in to open is 1 hour before the event), or are currently underway. If you want to change this default, see the configuration section.
    • If you do not have any event due to start within one hour, or underway already, then you will need to create an event in any group, using the web office. For more information on creating events, click here.

  • For each event you’ll see one group listed – this is the group that currently contains the event.

    • The members of the group(s) listed for an event make up the expected list of people who can check-in for the event. These people can quickly search for their details and check-in.

    • Anyone who does not belong to one of these groups will need to check-in as a guest by entering their required details. If the event is not open to guests, you can disable guest registrations – see the configuration section.

    • To change the groups that are displayed by default, or for specific events, see the configuration section.

  • Tick the checkbox next to an event and click Launch Public Kiosk

  • Choose the correct settings for this kiosk and click Launch

    • First you can choose the correct label printer (if there are labels specified for any Check-in profile assigned to any group in this event). You can either choose to use a single printer for all labels or use pre-configured printers for the labels (see Check-in Profile configuration). Your choice will be remembered when launching future kiosks for this site from this browser.

    • If your Check-in profiles allow separate registration and check-in, you can choose which function you wish to use this kiosk for (you can change this at any time). For instance, you might start with "Registration only" for a kiosk in the foyer to allow people to register and print their labels on arrival. Later, at the room for a specific group, you may wish to choose "Scanning only".

  • You may be prompted for the leader password for this event

    • You won’t see this if you are still logged-in with a web office log-in. However, if you have logged-out of your web office account but left a token to allow the kiosk to keep running (from the main public kiosk screen) then any leader functions will require the leader password. This is randomly generated for each site initially, then can be set in the Check-in configuration.

  • The main Check-in kiosk screen will then be displayed


Step 2: Using the check-in kiosk

  • From the main check-in kiosk screen, search for someone by entering the surname of a member of one of the groups that you selected for the event

    • You can also search by the last 4 digits of any phone number of any family member

    • Alternatively, you can click the Register Guest button to register a new person / family

  • The matching person from the group will be displayed below. Click Check-in.

    • If there were multiple matches from the same family, then all the family members will be displayed and clicking Check-in will check-in all family members. Any family members that you don’t want to check-in can be unticked before clicking Check-in.

    • If there were multiple matches from different families, you’ll be prompted to choose the correct postcode (partially obscured) and only the members of that family will be displayed.

    • If your check-in is configured to print labels, and this has been configured as a Registration or Registration & Check-in kiosk, all the relevant labels will be printed when you click Check-in. To enable label printing, setup your label printer(s) and configure your labels for individual check-ins, see the configuration section.

    • Anyone who is marked as a leader of one of the groups will be checked-in as a Leader and will have the leader label(s) printed for them.

    • If this is a children’s group, anyone who is under 18 will require guardian details to be entered at this point. If a suitable guardian is already on record for this family, they can simply be selected from the drop-down list, otherwise new guardian details can be entered. Guardians can opt to also be checked-in to the group if they wish, and they will be counted as an Adult at Children’s Group, for which you can specify a third (set of) label(s).

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