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Roll-out Planning

Check-in is designed to help you provide a great check-in experience for the children, youth, parents or delegates who use it. In order to make the experience as slick as possible, we recommend considering the following.

Database cleansing & updating

You can help your first check-in event run as smoothly as possible by spending time in advance to ensure your database is up-to-date and well organised, especially:
  • Everyone that you already know about is in the database (for example, for Child-Checkin all your children must be added to the correct groups)
  • Everyone is in the correct family
  • Guardians are marked as "Adult / Guardian" and have a mobile number
  • Family addresses are completed including postcode (used for family disambiguation when surname matches)
  • You have a suitable custom note for medical / allergies / dietary info (MADI) and you have specified which note this is in Site Settings -> Events -> Check-in Global Settings (see following section on MADI)
Some labels also include a logo, so you should set a Label Logo in Site Settings > Events > Check-in Global Settings. Otherwise the Hubb logo will be used.

Be prepared to help users update their details

The first time you use Check-in for a new group for a regular event, it would be wise to have a competent Hubb administrator on-hand with a computer, laptop or tablet to help with any last-minute updates to user details. Theoretically most of this could be done by the users by logging-in to My Area, but if they don’t know their log-in details, can’t log-in to their email account to retrieve the password, or don’t have their family relationships set-up correctly, you may need to provide some manual intervention. Once a regular group is up-and-running, and your database is in good order for that group, then this will no longer be necessary.

MADI (Medical / Allergies / Dietary Info)

For children’s groups (and possibly others) you should consider displaying MADI info on the child’s label. Check-in is all set up for this, but you need to do three things to get it working:
  1. Create a custom field for MADI (type must be "Text") if you don’t already have one – either as a shared or global field (must be of type Text though – not Text Area – since there is only limited space on the labels)
  2. Fill it out accurately for all children if it isn’t already. Since you’ll be printing it on a label that everyone can see, you should consider using codes that your leaders are briefed on rather than describing all conditions in full.
  3. Specify which custom field is your MADI custom field for Check-in under Site Settings > Events > Check-in Global Settings
There is also a MADI column on the Leader Register screen for reference and that is also sortable and searchable.

Start with a single group

For example, if you have a large Sunday set-up with hundreds of children in multiple groups, consider starting with Check-in for just one of the groups for the first few weeks. This will help you to iron-out any issues in either your database setup or your processes on a Sunday morning. Once you are happy with that, and the leaders and guardians for the first group are used to the new process, you can then begin training more leaders and rolling-out to more groups.