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Support > Check-in > Appendix G: Configuring Recommended Kiosk Hardware

Appendix G: Configuring Recommended Kiosk Hardware


Windows 11 PC / Laptop / Tablet or Macbook / iMac

  • (optional) Rename computer - this name will be used to identify attached printers later
  • Install Chrome browser
  • If you want to use a printer connected to this computer (we suggest Windows only):
    • [Install printers - see below for specific printer settings]
    • In Chrome, go to your site/admin > Settings > Events > Check-in Printers > Click Download Hubb Print Connector
    • Install Hubb Print Connector, then launch and enter username and password from Check-in Printers page
  • In Chrome, go to and select a check-in to launch
  • For basic setups, select “Use a single printer” option and select the one attached to this kiosk
  • Launch the check-in and press F11 to run full screen
    • you can create a shortcut to run in kiosk mode automatically by adding --kiosk "" to the end of the Target
  • For more information about locking the kiosk using Assigned Access (only available in Professional editions of Windows 10 or 11), see Appendix H

iOS device

  • Install Dolphin browser (for full screen mode and no lag on barcode entry)
    • In Settings, disable Fillr and Page Swiping Switch
  • Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-lock = Never
  • Show keyboard > long-press emoji button and toggle off both "Shortcuts" and "Predictive".
  • Pair bluetooth barcode scanner (if required)
  • For more information about locking the kiosk using Guided Access, see Appendix H

Android device

  • Chrome > go to > 3 dot menu > Add to homescreen > enter name e.g. Check-in kiosk. Use the created shortcut to launch your kiosk full screen.
  • Settings > Display > Sleep after > change to maximum time (to keep the screen permanently on you’ll need to install one of the many Kiosk apps from the Google Play Store or turn on Developer options and select "Stay awake while charging")
  • If you have not added your Check-in page to your homescreen in the above point, sound will be disabled by default. To enable sound when checking-in/out open Chrome and go to chrome://flags then set Autoplay Policy to No user gesture is required.
  • Pair bluetooth barcode scanner (if required)
  • For more information about locking the kiosk using Screen Pinning, see Appendix H

Brother QL-700 USB printer or QL-810W USB/WiFi printer

  • Go to Brother site, download latest printer driver and install
  • [QL-810W over WiFi]
    • Installing the printer requires either using the WPS button on your router (if available) or a USB cable to connect to your computer initially. If using the latter, you need to launch the driver installer once connect by USB (even if driver already installed) as this contains the wizard to allow you to connect the printer to your WiFi network.
    • Once connected to the network, you can use BRAdmin Light tool (download from Brother website) to scan for the printers on the network and show IP address, and you can then navigate to this IP address in a browser to update any further settings.
    • The default username / password for BRAdmin Light etc. is admin / access.
    • For reliable operation, set a static IP address (see product documentation).
  • Windows
    • In Devices & Printers >  right-click Brother printer and choose “Printing preferences” -> Choose 62mm for Paper Size and then:
      • Small labels:
        • set the length = 35mm, Orientation = Portrait, click OK
        • When choosing this printer for Check-in, choose “62mm” for the media size, and Small for the Label Format.
      • Large labels:
        • set the length = 100mm, Orientation = Landscape, click OK
        • When choosing this printer for Check-in, choose “62mm” for the media size, and Large for the Label Format.

Brother QL-810W power-up status settings

You may wish to configure the printer to
  • turn on automatically once power is connected
  • turn on WiFi automatically every time it’s turned on
  • never turn off with power saving mode

To set these options:
  1. Plug the printer into your Windows computer using a USB cable
  2. In Devices & Printers >  right-click Brother printer and choose “Printing properties”
  3. On the Device Settings tab, highlight Utility and click the Properties button
  4. Update and apply each setting




Barcode Scanner

Inatek BCST-10 Pairing Codes

The barcode scanner needs to be paired with the Android / iOS / Windows tablet if you want to use it with Bluetooth. Look for the instructions in the PDF manual here:

Inatek BCST-10 Auto Power Off

By default the scanner will go to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity. Using the scan button will wake it back up again. If you are using Bluetooth it should automatically reconnect.
You may wish to extend the timeout or turn it off altogether - see this section in the full user guide.