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Site Manager Permissions

Below are details of all the permissions available under each section in the Site Manager Permissions. Please see this article for details about the other permissions available in the web office.


  • Documents and media – the ability to create articles and adverts on your website as well as upload images, audio, video and downloadable document files.
  • Events – the ability to add new events to the calendar.
  • Forums – the ability to moderate forum content as well as create and remove forums and chatter zones.
  • Group Structure – the ability to change the name and edit the properties of the selected group and create sub-groups.


  • Membership Manager – the ability to add and remove members from a non-independent group.
  • Edit members’ details – the ability to edit the contact information for a user and enable/disable website access.
    Note: this permission is only available on your root group or on other independent groups.
  • Group notes editor – the ability to see and edit custom information for members of the group.
  • Sensitive group notes – the ability to see and edit custom information which has been marked as “sensitive”.
  • Database manager – the ability to add new custom information fields to the database.
  • Directory Admin – the ability to administer directory groups


  • Rotas – the ability to create and publish rotas.
  • Mail – the ability to use the Mailing feature to communicate with members.
  • Attendance – the ability to complete attendance records and see any existing records.
  • Resource Booking – the ability to book resources from the resources centre on behalf of the group.


  • Payment groups are an advanced feature for taking payments online. For more information on payments groups and their associated permissions please see the article on Payment groups.