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For those of you who use the profile editor module, you will need to review what you are using them for and apply any consent questions you need.

The profile editor is one of the modules available in templates and the old layouts area. It is mainly used us a cut down version of the registration form allowing a simpler sign up for people, and have them automatically put in an independent group of your choice. The most common case for this is a newsletter sign up.

We will be running a report on who is using this module on their site and will be in touch with you to let you know where they are. It is likely that we have implemented this for you as part of a website design project.

In practice, it’s the same process as we described in the Review and setup your required consent questions section of this guide. You will have to go to the consent area of the list of fields inside the module.

The profile editor module is located in Templates (Site Settings > Design > Templates) and Layouts (Site Settings > Design > Themes and Layouts). Open the module settings by clicking on the edit icon at the top right of the module and scroll down to the consent area.

You will have to make the required changes for the logged-in and non logged-in options depending on how you use the module.
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Profile editor consent fields

Following the GDPR Action Plan? You may need to update/edit:

Or, if you're all done, read about using consent fields in other areas of the Web Office.