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What’s new in June 2019

A mini-release bringing some features and bug fixes.

Managing payments

Users can now update card details for the Hubb processor

Since we introduced the new Hubb payment processor, it hasn't been possible for users to update their card details (for example when the card expires). Now they can head over to the 'My Wallet' page in My Area and edit their details. Anyone who is making regular payments (for example a monthly donation) will get an email before their card expires.

Payment processor filter on payment reports

For those of you who are using multiple payment processor accounts to manage donations and payments to multiple accounts, there's a new 'payment processor' filter on the advanced assignments and receipts reports.

We have also added the 'transaction fee' column to these reports so that you can easily see the cost of taking those payments online.

Some media bonus features

There were a couple of things that didn't quite make it into last month's bumper media release but are here now:

Configurable ordering on the 'All Media' pagemedia-config

On your site's main media page, the sort order defaults to Publishing Date. You can now set the default sort order in the Web Office by going to Settings > General > Site Configuration and changing the dropdown under the 'Media' section.

Warning when deleting images

When you delete an image, we now warn you if the image is in use as a summary image (e.g. for an article, recording, event, group or mailing channel). In the future we hope to extend this to include images that are being used in articles and templates.


Bible reference links

When we released the new media player, we hyperlinked the bible references so that site visitors could click the reference to go straight to the bible passage on Bible Gateway. We've now also rolled out this feature to the media list module (you need to turn on the option in the mini layout being used) and on the 'All Media' page.

You can now also choose your Bible version. There's a new option at Settings > General > Site Configuration, and you can choose either from Bible Gateway (where the visitor will see whichever version of the Bible they selected the last time they visited the site) or from one of a number of specific Bible versions on the Biblica site.

media-list-date-formatChoose your date format in media mini layouts

Where dates are displayed in the mini layouts used for media list modules, you can now choose the format of the displayed date.

More sorting options in media lists

Media lists can now be ordered, ascending or descending by:
  • Publish date 
  • Recording date
  • Number of downloads
These options are now available for both mini layout and older default layout options.

Other improvements and bug fixes

A minor rearrangement of event editing

The  'Location' section was getting lost beneath the larger 'Details' section so we've switched them around.

Bulk deleting of shop orders

Deleting unneeded data is a legal necessity and we've made it a bit easier in another area of the system. You can now delete shop orders in bulk in Query. Just run a query for shop orders as normal and when you have the set you would like to delete, you'll find a new Task to delete those orders.


And also....

We're always looking for ways to make things better and we fix bugs as quickly as we can after they are discovered. This time we've ironed out all these issues:

  • In Advanced Financial Reports, receivables grouped by payer returned meaningless results; now fixed.
  • There were some inconsistencies on the Finance tab of a user record between the number of payment cards in the summary, and the number actually listed. This occurred if the entity paid for (e.g. a shop order) had been deleted. 
  • After entering financial transactions using a keyed import (e.g. for Gift Aid), there was a little popup that wouldn't go away if you clicked 'Mark as posted' in some browsers.
  • If you hit enter or return while importing financial transactions using the CSV import, the import would be submitted. This is now prevented and you also get a last-ditch warning before the import is submitted.
  • When importing financial transactions, the list of available payment groups for creating a new registration is now limited to those that accept one-off payments. 
  • On a user's mailing history you can manually add a communications entry. When doing this, you'd get a superfluous warning about leaving the page.
  • If a saved query had an apostrophe in its name, it wasn't possible to generate a URL for running the query externally.
  • The web page under the enquiry contact information for an organisation didn't accept https URLs.
  • If you changed just the case of a group name, the change didn't save.
  • We've fixed a few slow-running tasks in the Resources area.
  • There were some inconsistencies in the way we warned you (or not) if things were unsaved when navigating between tabs when editing shop items.
  • We've fixed a rounding error in the shop where fixed discounts (e.g. £5 off when you spend £50) were being apportioned across all the lines in the order.
  • There was also an issue with 'Buy X get Y free' style discounts which meant the quantities in the basket got updated incorrectly.
  • Shop items with options  attached to them (e.g. a size option) would always default to the first option so visitors wouldn't always notice that they have to choose an option. Now, there's no default, so the visitor is forced to choose explicitly before adding the item to their basket.
  • When creating a new shop order in the Web Office, you'd get a superfluous warning about leaving the page when changing the delivery method for the order.
  • If you started a query for shop items by going via the items tab in the shop, you didn't always then get shop items as one of the available entities to query.
  • After granting or revoking group memberships at the end of a query you'd get a superfluous 'are you sure' warning when closing the pop-up.
  • When you change the order of options in a payment group (or add new ones), the new order is now reflected in the order of the option groups in the group tree.
  • On the payment group receivables/pledges tab, the receivable/pledge status filter didn't always give the expected results.
  • The My Wallet link is now hidden in My Area if the logged-in user doesn't have any cards.
  • Rotas are renamed to Rosters for sites based in Australia and New Zealand.
  • In an article list module, if you switch between articles from the whole site and articles in a particular group, some options become hidden, but the hidden options were still impacting the displayed output.
  • We've fixed some styling on the child-checkin leader register.
  • In the same module, if you chose the option to 'Remove the current article' you would get one less than the requested number of articles.
  • In a few odd cases, family ordering wasn't respected in the address book.
  • Custom fields now show correctly when add a new family member via My Area.
  • The popup 'Your response has been submitted' displayed mostly off the screen after submitting a form.
  • When sending a rota to participants, the list of events didn't always appear in the correct order.
  • When the date picker opens for a custom field of type date, the currently set date wasn't pre-selected.
  • If you merged two or more users with a multi-select list type custom field, no options would be selected by default for the merged user.