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'Account Alert: New Login' emails

As part of the recent security upgrade to the Hubb system, emails are sent to you every time you login into your Hubb account from an unrecognised device/browser combination. A device in this context will be a computer, laptop, tablet or phone etc., and a browser will be one of Chrome, FireFox, Safari or Edge etc.

If you get one of these emails, but haven't recently logged into your Hubb account, then you should change your password immediately.

For most people, they will only get one such email every now and then. You will get such an email if you:

1) Login to your Hubb account from any new device.

2) Login after having cleared all the cookies from your browser.

3) Login using a browser on which cookies are being blocked.

4) Login using a different browser on the same device. So if normally you use Chrome, but then decide to login using Edge on the same computer, then you will get a new alert email.

If you think you are using the same device, and the same browser, and not clearing your cookies explicitly, but keep getting email alerts, then please contact support.