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Stripe Account Verification Update 

If you use a Hubb processing account to take donations or payments through your website then you must complete verification of your account by March 31st 2020 in order to continue receiving these payments.

We recently wrote to all Finance Admins to let you know that, owing to recent changes in anti money laundering legislation, some additional identity information would be required about your organisation and its management, in order to continue taking card payments via our partner, Stripe.

This additional verification must be completed by March 31st 2020 or payment processing will be suspended by Stripe.

Please read these details, even if you believe your verification is complete.

Whilst some have managed to complete the verification successfully, we're aware there have been a number of challenges. We are working with Stripe as much as possible to overcome these, but in the meantime, please take note of the following points:

Please keep checking your status, even after you have completed the verification. After verification is complete, your account goes into a 'Pending' status while Stripe checks the details. If anything is wrong, it will drop back to require verification, and the pink box will re-appear on your account page. The pending state can take a couple of days - so please keep checking. We are looking at an improved process for alerting when this occurs, but please bear with us in the meantime.
Stripe verification

The essentials - this is all you need to do

  1. Go to site settings (the cog icon in the left hand bar in the Web Office)
  2. Click ‘Finance’ and then ‘Payment Processing’
  3. Select your Stripe account in the list of payment processors (if you have multiple accounts, you’ll need to return to this step for each account).
  4. If you see the pink box like the one above, click 'Complete the verification process'. This will take you off to Stripe.

If you are a charity, then all you need is the following:

  • Details about your organisation. You need the name and address of your charity, exactly as listed on the Charity Commission website.
  • A supporting document for your organisation. You can download this from the public listing on the Charity Commission website. Details below
  • Personal details of ONE representative of your organisation. You need to supply the name and address of just one person who has some responsibility for your organisation. We suggest you pick the main leader, or someone with responsibility for the finances or operations.
  • A supporting document for this person. You'll need some sort of ID - a passport or driving licence will work best. Any address on the ID should match the address you supply for that person.
That's really all you need, unless you are a company. We have listed some more helpful information below which cover some of the pitfalls that other organisations have encountered.


Details about your organisation

  • Make sure the name and address of your organisation exactly match those listed with the Charity Commission. The name of your charity and its address listed on your Stripe account must exactly match the details listed with the Charity Commission. This is particularly important if you are being asked to re-upload your registration document.
  • If you are asked for a 'Certificate of Incorporation'  you need to substitute a suitable document that confirms your charity registration status. The easiest document to obtain is by going to the Charity Commission website, find your charity (search using your charity number) and then click the 'PDF version' button on the Overview tab. Otherwise you need a document that includes your charity name, registration number and address. Stripe's guidelines suggest "Charity Commission Document" (though we recognise that a Charity Registration Certificate doesn't carry your address) or an "HMRC Account Statement".

Details of your representatives

You will be asked to supply and verify personal details for key people in your organisation
  • You only need to give details for people who own more than 25% of your organisation. For charities this means that there isn't a requirement to list anyone other than the person signing up for the account - which should normally be a Treasurer or someone with a degree of responsibility for your organisation. 'Governing board' only applies to companies and so you can answer 'no' when asked if you are on the governing board.
  • You must give the home address of anyone who you list.
  • If you are asked for supporting ID, and if that ID carries an address, it must match the address that you supply.
  • Do not add more than 10 people to your account. There's a bug in the Stripe interface which means that if you add more than 10 people, the first ones you added are hidden from view, and can no longer be edited. As above, please list the people who have the most significant control.

Please contact us if you are still having trouble

We may be able to dig out more information about what information is missing, or we can contact Stripe on your behalf. The earlier we do this, the more chance we have of getting accounts verified in time for the deadline.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with this process.