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Set up your online services

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Thank you to everyone who got back to me about how you are managing your church activities. 

You are doing a fantastic job! So many of you have taken on new tasks and are using systems that you have not before. Well done!

I wanted to get in touch with you all again to give some information on:

Setup a good online service page

To assist you in giving your members a helpful and easy to use website, we have created a page that you can put on your site for Online Services.

Please take a look at

If you would like to add this to your site, please watch the video.

HTML: Link

Sorry, your browser is unable to play this type of file. You can still download it

Guide to setup online donations:

Lots of you wanted information on how to set up online giving to use as online offerings during your Sunday services. We have a full guide on How To Setup Giving here.

Getting your YouTube/Vimeo content in your Hubb recordings

Now that many of you are using online video sites such as YouTube to host your Sunday services we are aware that these are not included in your sermon page on your website, unless you upload them to it. With potential increased media fees, this is something that many do not want to do, understandably!

So, we have updated Hubb so that you can include YouTube videos and links in your recordings. This means that your online church service videos will show up on your Sermon pages and appear in media searches on your site. The videos will also play in the recording's video play and not take people away from your site.

For more information on this please read our release notes about this.

You will need to go back through the last few weeks where your services have been online and update your site, but that should only take a few minutes. 


What we learned from your replies to our last email about how you are coping with online church

We hope the below information is useful to you.

Worship Music Licensing
Some were worried about licensing for online worship. We contacted CCLI and they let us know that churches need an additional online streaming license and they are reducing the rates. The fees are at the bottom of the page -

Live Streaming
Many have opted for YouTube as the main service for hosting services online, and many have put up pre-recorded sermons (or even whole services) to avoid issues that can arise when live streaming services.

A lot of you were conscious that some, or many people in the congregation were not on Facebook. You have done a great job adding the video to YouTube, and or your website too.

Many churches recognised that a lot of people are unable to do more than go to the website, so they are still using the website as the main source of information and content.

Rotas are still a thing!
You are using rotas to organise who is doing what for Services, be that preaching, reading, uploading media files etc. Many churches have a rota for calling people to ensure everyone is being kept in touch with, especially those who are unable to watch the online services.

We are praying you all stay safe and well.

Many Thanks.

AJ Work 2 small round