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Hubb > Release Notes > Minor Updates - April 2020

Minor Updates - April 2020

Delete Mailing Lists

Made it possible to delete the Mailing List groups on your site if you are not using them.
Copy Mailing Templates
You can now copy a Mailing Template – just click the three dots menu.
'View Reports' permission
Website reports have previously been visible to anyone with access to the Web Office. Understandably many of you don't want someone with just a simple rota permission (for example) to be able to view these. So we've added a new 'View Reports' site wide permission. At release, this permission is granted to all Site Administrators. If you can't see reports and you think you should be able to, then please contact your Site Administrator to have this permission added.


Other improvements and bug fixes

We're always looking for ways to make things better and we fix bugs as quickly as we can after they are discovered. This time we've:

  • Made slight usability improvements to the navigation tree in the Web Office.
  • Made it possible to replace an image with a jpeg extension with one with a jpg extension and vice versa. The extension of the original image will also be retained for backwards compatibility in links etc.
  • Fixed the column sorting in financial reports.
  • The payment processor name is now available in the assignments financial report.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when setting a blank meta tag.
  • Fixed an error that occurred if you edited a payment group registration after the user had deleted their card.
  • Made the start/end dates work for payment pages so that you can set starting/closing dates for sign-up (e.g. for an event)
  • Optimised the display of user records and the Members tab so that they open faster. Deleting records should also be much faster.
  • Made the error report page simpler and work better on small screens.
  • Improved the behaviour of tabs on mobile devices - you can now swipe them across.
  • Also improved the display of the left navigation tree on small screens to make it easier to open and close.
  • Made 'Keep me logged in on this device' the default on any device where you've previously selected this option.
  • We've improved the quality of thumbnail images in the Web Office. This means that the Media tab will both load faster and display better quality images.
  • Added some extra 'quick' options on the three dots menu for expired articles, making it easier to delete and recycle them.