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Setting up the Churches Together template 

1) The media folder below the top level group, ie. "Hero Slideshow" contains the slide-show images. Captions for the slideshows are set inside a Web-Office image page, by editing the "Caption" field. The syntax is: Main Title*Sub-text*button-text (note the stars: *). The button-text only appears if the image link is set. You can delete all the existing images and load up a new set if you wish, but it helps if all the images are the same size. Also 1100px wide is probably the minimum width if you want the images to look good on a HD desktop display.
2) The homepage welcome message can be edited from the "HomePage Design: Welcome" document in the top level group.

3) The "Homepage Design: Submit a Story" document in the top level group contains the text below the slide-show section.

4) The "News and Features" section is picking up the most recent 9 articles from the "What's On" area of the site.

5) The "Homepage Design: Read More News" document in the top level group group contains the text below the "News and Features" section. Currently it is just a button that links to an archive.

6) The top level group media folder > "Supporter Logos" has all the supporter logos. You can replace these images with ones suitable for you.

7) The "Homepage Design: Side Menu" document in the top level group group contains the text at the top of the side-bar. Currently it is a set of quick links.

8) The "Upcoming Events" area will show the latest 5 events from the calendar. If there are no events only the link to the full calendar will show.

9) A live twitter feed can go next in the side-bar. If you don't have a twitter account, then we can remove this.

10) A button can go below the twitter feed. There is a "Find out more about Christianity" one for now.

11) Let us know if you have any other social media accounts, then we can add links to those in the footer.

12) On the content pages, the main article content is shown, along with the side-bar, and at the top of the side-bar is an extra navigation links area too.