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Setting up the CENTRE template 

1) Setting up the logo is complex. Email and include any logo images you wish us to use.

2) The top menus reflect the current group structure. You will need to adjust these groups or set up a new set of groups to have a different set of links.

3) The top image on the homepage is in the media folder "Video and Banner Image" and is called "Background1". You can replace the image using the "Replace this image with a new one" option under the blue "Tasks" button. The best size for the images are 2000x1100px. It is possible to have a video playing instead of an image. Email if you wish to do this. There is currently no tint over the image or video. One can be added if the white text does not show well against the final chosen video/image background.

4) The caption for the top image is set in the document "HomePage Design: Video HTML", and you edit the HTML module in there to set the text, button link, and the video source (if required).

5) The 3 large images below the top one are in the media folder "Big Block Gallery". The images are output in alphabetical order of their titles. The caption for each image contains 3 fields separated by stars (*):
A) Main block text.
B) Button text.
C) CSS background positioning, so the image positions correctly on any size screen, particularly on a mobile phone. If you are not sure what to put, then leave empty, or use "center center".

6) The social media links in the footer are in the document "Homepage Design: Footer Social Media".

7) On the content pages (accessed from the top menus) the banner image is set using the "Banner Image" custom-group-note, which can be found under group-settings. If you set one image on the root group and inherit it down, then that becomes a default image for the whole site.

8) On system pages, like the calendar page and the media page, the banner image is the "Background5" image in the media folder "Video and Banner Image". It will be more clipped than on the other content pages.