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What’s new in December 2020

Following the release of our brand new app last month, this next phase brings you an enhanced desktop view which makes much better use of bigger screens.

App features now optimised for desktop

In the initial release of our new app area, we concentrated on making the design look great and work well on mobiles and tablets. This time around, we've gone large and made sure the new features use the available space on desktop screens.

For the full details of the app, with an installation guide for your members please read this article.

To customise some of the content, please see our support section.

Customisable emails for card expiry reminders

After your members have set up recurring payments on your site (e.g. a monthly donation, or a subscription) we send an email to them (if they have a login account) 6 weeks before the card expires.

Up until now, this has just been system-generated text which you couldn't configure, or add your branding. Now, the email is available for customisation along with all of the other system emails. Head over to Settings > System Emails > Other Emails and look for 'Payment Card Nearing Expiry'

If you have nice HTML system email templates you use, you can follow this video to upgrade this system email to use your existing HTML system emails. You will need to have a spare MS Word, Google Doc or Notepad to cut and paste some source code. If you would like us to do it for you, just email our support team :)
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Other improvements and bug fixes

We're always looking for ways to make things better and we fix bugs as quickly as we can after they are discovered. This release is no exception and here's a rundown of the other things we've done:
  • Added email addresses to the columns available for payment group registration and delegate queries
  • Fixed some inconsistencies around the setting of author when saving documents. The default is now to save with no author displayed but you can untick the 'override' box to change this.
  • Increased the total size of attachments on a mailing from 2MB to 10MB.
  • Fixed user and family popups appearing blank if they have a template assigned to them.
  • Numerous other minor bug fixes (we'll contact you if you reported a bug which has been fixed in this release).