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New FREE church website templates 



Over the last couple of months, we have invested time in developing some new free church website templates for you to take advantage of. We are thrilled that these new templates offer various layout options, events and sermon feed, and the welcome visitor box we developed in the Aspire template.

We have also updated many of our existing templates to include these feeds :)

You can see the new templates below, or visit our 'brand new templates page' here to see the new and existing templates.

All our templates are now FREE. As ever, our templates can be styled with your colours and fonts to match your logo/brand, and all images and text can be personalised for FREE.

If you are interested in getting one of these new templates or adding one or both of the feeds to your current template, please contact us at

Templates-icon   Changing your template is easy.  Read our guide here >>

Meet the templates:

Click on the preview link to see a large version of the template, then click the back button at the bottom of the page to return here...

  Fusion  Preview template


  Preview template

  Preview template


  Preview template
  Glory  Preview template
  Ascend  Preview template


Upcoming Events Section:

Background colour and red accent can be changed to suit your colour scheme

events feed

Latest Sermons Section:

Background colour and red accent can be changed to suit your colour scheme

sermons feed