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How does switching templates work?


We are thrilled you may be thinking of upgrading your website to one of our latest templates. This guide will help you to understand the process and possibilities.

You can see our templates at (opens in new tab).

All templates can be personalised


Firstly, it's essential to understand that all of our templates can be personalised for your church. Personalising the template is done by swapping the text and images in our easy to use editor.

We can adjust the overall colour scheme and fonts of the template to suit your logo or branding.

With your text, images, fonts and colours, your website will look completely bespoke!

No migration project

There is no need to feel overwhelmed with changing the template. Your current template is just a 'skin' assigned to your website. It's a bit like a paint job layered on top of your text and images.

The only work required will be to get your images and text to swap out the templates' stock images. We are on hand to help you with this :)

You keep all your content and data in the same place :)

The process

1) Fill in the form below to let us know which template you would like from the selection here.

2) We place the new template in your Web Office where you can preview the homepage and all of your content pages. There are no changes to your live site at this stage.

3) We give you instructions on adding your images and updating the text so your template is personalised. We will be in touch to find out from you the fonts and colours to style the template.

4) Once you are happy with your text, images and styling, get in touch with us to schedule switching to the new template.

This process involves us deselecting the current template on your pages and applying the new template instead. Overall this takes about 15 minutes, and there is minimal disruption to your site.

Get your new template!

We will be back in touch when the template is installed in the background of the site, this can take about a week. If you are wanting a bespoke template designed please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we can provide a quote for that.
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