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Thanks for being a Hubb customer - we hope you are loving your website and the Hubb platform.

To help churches outsource more web and tech items to experts, we are pleased to offer our domain and email hosting services. 

Domain Hosting

Having us manage your domain means you don’t have to worry about who has the domain registered, with which provider and what DNS means, let alone worrying about renewals, SPF DKIM etc.

We already managed hundreds of domain names for our customers, and if you would like to have us help you. Please get in touch.

Email Hosting

Over the last two years, our email hosting service has proven extremely popular with churches as a low-cost option, with friendly support and easy maintenance.

Our email hosting provides you with email on your domain name, a user-friendly webmail system, and the ability to add your email to your existing mail client like MS Outlook or Mac Mail and your mobile phone’s email app.

Hubb Email is an excellent option if you want to outsource the hosting to experts and not worry about maintaining email hosting or relying on other volunteers.


The above services will mean fewer suppliers, fewer invoices and just one friendly team to deal with all your web needs.

Learn more on our website.

For more information, please email