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Getting Churches Started Again - COVID-19


Many of you have got in touch with us to ask how you can use Hubb to help get your services started again, whilst the current guidelines for social distancing are in place for churches. What's good is that we have many features already in place that you can use to help you. Below is a guide for you to review and use if you wish. If you would like to modify what we have done in any way to suit you - fantastic! We would love to hear your feedback.

Section 1: Organising People

We have 3 suggestions on how you may want to organise people coming along to your services.

1. Basic Online Sign Up
2. Automated Online Sign Up
3. Groups/Clusters and Rotas

The first two sign up methods allow you to have people register themselves - so you will not need to have them already in your system.

If you have not got people in your database already, you can work through these guides to add people manually or import people in families. This will be especially helpful with method 3 above.

If you need to increase you monthly plan - then please email

Section 2: Contact Tracing

To help you have an audit trail of who served and attended your socially distanced services, you can use our Check-In feature in a very simple way. 

See our guide