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It's coming up to Easter and we wanted to share with you some useful resources that will help you with your website. These resources include:

  • Website templates and styling
  • Easter themed graphics
  • Easter announcement bar
  • Easter icons in your app

Free website templates

If you hadn't heard already, we decided to price all of our templates to £0, and also to waive the £95 styling fee. This way any church can get a new website design for £0 up front. This is a key strategy in our mission to help all churches get a great website no matter their circumstances.


Do take a look at our templates, including some new ones we recently launched. We also added sermon and calendar feeds to the homepages of our existing templates.

View our church website templates.

If you would like to start the process to have a new template please fill in the form here

Website graphics

We have created some Easter images that you can add to your website slideshows and web pages. These graphics are free, but if you want a custom designed graphic please let us know and we an create one for just £45.

If you need any help with managing images on your site please take a look at the videos:

To save any image, just right click on it and then save the image to your device.

Slideshow Images (2000 x 750px)
Easter-Cross-1-2000x750 Easter-Cross-2-2000x750
Easter-Cross-3-2000x750 Easter-Tomb-2000x750
Easter-Palm-1-2000x750 Easter-Palm-2-2000x750
Easter-Daffodils-1-2000x750 Easter-Daffodils-2-2000x750
Feature Images (800 x 400px)
Easter-Cross-1-800x400 Easter-Cross-2-800x400
Easter-Cross-3-800x400 Easter-Tomb-800x400
Easter-Palm-1-800x400 Easter-Palm-2-800x400
Easter-Daffodils-1-800x400 Easter-Daffodils-2-800x400

We sourced these images from Unsplash

Easter announcement bar

Remember our Covid Banner? We have repurposed this to be used to announce your Easter activities. You can take a look at our demo church website The Town Church to see it, just under the main slideshow.

We can add this for you, with your chosen banner colour and icon for free, just fill in the form here to specify the icon you want to use, what you want the text to say, and the page you want to link to in your site - this needs to link to a published page.

Here are the icons, and a preview of our default banner...

Easter CrossEaster Crosses


If you would like a bespoke design and different icon we can do that on a site by site basis, there will be a charge of £45 for this. Please get in touch if you'd prefer that option.

Easter icons in your app

You can also use these icons in your app, see this article for more information.

As always, just contact is if you would like any of the above, or have questions :)