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Setting the visibility of content

Someone visiting your web site may be coming to find out about your organisation from a search engine link. Another visitor may even be a member of your organisation, or even a staff member.

When a piece of content is published within your website, you can choose which group of people you wish to see it. This means content can be restricted to be viewed by only the appropriate people e.g. the members of the group.

This is useful is you wish to publish private content that only a select group of people should have access to, or so it only appears to the people who would be interested in viewing it, keeping your site less cluttered and personalised for each member.

Content Visibility Levels

There are 3 core visibility levels in Hubb. These are as follows:  
'Everyone' or 'any visitor' Content at this level will be visible to anyone with access to the world wide web. decreasing visibility
'members of the [site name] group' At this level content will only be visible to members of your contact database who are logged-in.
'members of the current  group' Content set at this visibility level will only display to members of the group where the content is published.

These visibility settings can be applied to an entire group or an individual piece of content eg. an article. Our guides on publishing different pieces of content within each application eg. calendar, describe where to set the required visibility level.

The visibility levels depend on keeping your web site's group membership up-to-date. For more information about managing group memberships see the Group membership management guide.