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Site Settings

The site settings define the properties of your web site and should be reviewed and modified as appropriate.

The Site Settings can be accessed by clicking on the Settings tab found at the bottom of the navigation on the left hand side. Those that have permission to access this area are listed under the Administrator area of the Site Settings. To save any information that has been modified click on the Save Updates button on each page. This article discusses the key settings you should consider modifying before your site launch.

Under Site Profile the Primary Web Address is the web site URL that is used in all emails sent by the web site. Please contact us to change this. The Site Email Address is the address that site emails are sent from e.g.the welcome email sent when a user's registration is approved. If this is not a valid address then some ISP's will reject the email, so this address should work, and any replies should be directed to an appropriate person.

The help section of your web site can display the contact details of your organisation, so that any queries about the content of your web site can be directed to you. The details that appear are entered under the Web Site Help Information section. This should contain at minimum a contact name e.g. [OrganisationName] Office, and an email address, but can also include a phone number.

The Public Contact Information section lists your organisation's details. This information is displayed in your site's Terms of Use that are displayed when someone logs in for the first time. The Registered Charity Number can also be displayed on the footer of your web site. The Contact Person is for our use only, and will not be displayed on your web site.
The Emails category within the site settings contains the various templates for the site system emails e.g.the welcome email. Most of these won't need to be changed but you may want to check the wording of key ones like the Welcome email, located under Site Registration and Login.

Mailing Channels enable users to subscribe, or unsubscribe, from specific mailing content. Each site will have one mailing channel by default. You can add additional mailing channels for specific mailing content e.g.monthly newsletter, product promotions, that you may wish to allow users to subscribe to and unsubscribe from without unsubscribing  from general site mailings.

The Users settings should also be checked at this stage. You can modify the Registration form to your requirements, specify the user titles (salutations), set the address book policy and your site usage policies. Usage policies displays the Acceptable Use Policy for your web site. A link to this policy is displayed on the web site when posting messages and writing articles. The default policy should be reviewed and edited if desired and then enabled. More information on the Acceptable Use Policy.

The other areas under Settings can be modified after your site launch if the need arises.