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Support > Payment Groups > Capturing extra information for a conference registration

Capturing extra information within a conference registration

If you wish to capture data for payment pages outside the standard contact details that appear on the 'Registrations tab e.g. Dietary requirements,  then this can be achieved by creating a custom field for your payment group. A custom field can be added to a payment group as follows:
  1. Select the 'Delegates' tab in the payment group.
  2. Select the task titled: 'Change the fields available for group name'
  3. Click on the blue '+' icon to choose from the custom fields already available.
Select the type of field you wish to store from the following options:
  • Registration - applies to the whole registration so is filled in once.
  • Delegate - applies to each delegate on the registration so this data is captured for each delegate.
  • User - this data will be captured for each delegate and applied against their user record. This means the data can be potentially accessed outside of this payment group.

    4. Return to the payment group 'Settings' tab and select the 'Registrations' tab.
    5. You should see your group note and be able to select if the field is mandatory or optional.