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Support > Address Book > Why are some people displayed in grey in the printable address book?

Why are some people displayed in grey in the web office printable address book?

The Web Office printable address book displays non-members in grey rather than black to provide a quick overview of who's a member for office use. The user-side printable address book doesn't have his distinction.

Black means their membership status is set to 'Current'.

Grey means that their membership status set to 'None'. Where there is more than one user in a family the surname is always in black and the names where there is ‘None’ in the membership field are grey. For an individual who is not part of a family the entire entry will be in grey.

Red & italic means that their 'Site members privacy' setting is set to show none of their details to other site members.

If you select to include people with their membership set to ‘Former’ then these are included at the end of the address book under a separate section.