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Support > Media > How do I wrap text around an image?

How do I wrap text around an image?

If your text doesn't wrap neatly around your image it'll be because your image needs to be aligned to the 'left' or the 'right'.

Once you've added some alignment to your image the text in the article will wrap neatly around it.

Aligning an image

You can add alignment to your image in the "image properties" window as follows:

  • In the Web Office, select the article containing your image so it opens in the document editor.
  • Click on the image to select it.
  • Next open the "image properties" window by selecting the add image option from the document editor toolbar, a new window should open titled "image properties"
  • Select an option from the align selection list. Selecting 'left' will move your image to the left-hand side of the page so your text wraps around the right-hand side of it. Selecting 'right' will do the opposite. The small preview box in the image properties window will give you an idea of how it will look.
  • Click OK to commit your changes. You will be returned to the document editor where you can view how the article will be displayed before saving your changes.