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How do I store extra information about an organisation?

Sometimes you may wish to store additional information about an organisation outside of the standard fields. If it can’t be achieved by grouping the organisations within a sub-directory, it can be achieved instead by adding custom fields called group-notes. A group-note can be added as follows:
  • Select the Organisations tab.
  • Click the Change the structure of group notes stored for the directoryname directory task.
  • To add a new field select the Add another field to the directory group task. Any existing group-notes shared within the Directory will be listed; before you begin to add another field to the database, you will be asked to check that the field does not exist elsewhere already. Keeping the information in your database accurate and simple is very important; this step is designed to prevent duplication and so you should check carefully before proceeding. If you do find a field with the same purpose already in the list click the [show] link in the owners column to find out who has the necessary privileges to share the information with you.

    If you are confident that the field does not exist elsewhere click the data is not already present option and select the OK button to proceed. The field properties window will be displayed shortly afterwards.
  • Enter the details of the new global field, here’s an explanation of the fields:

    Field user type – Set to organisation to add a field that relates to an organisation, or staff role if it relates to an organisation’s staff members.
    Field data type - Set to appropriate field type. e.g. Date. Note:cannot be changed once data has been added, so it's important to set this correctly.
    Sensitive field – Only visible in the Web Office to those with the Sensitive Group-Note permission.
    Can be updated by editors of organisations – Select this option if you would like users to be able to edit the details of their organisations themselves. If selected the field will also automatically appear on the organisation registration page.
    Mandatory on user-side – Forces the user to fill in this field. Only available if the field is editable by the user (see update by editors option above).
    Visible via directory listing – If selected this field will display in this field in the directory listing.
    Text options – Depending on the field type selected different validation options will appear, which can be used to make sure data is entered in the required format.
  • Click the Add new note button to complete the process. The list of fields in the field editor window will be updated shortly afterwards.