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Who can book resources?

The resource booking feature only allows logged in users of your site to book resources. Even logged in users will only be able to book the resources that have been made available to them.

When resources are created they can be given 4 different levels to determine who is able to access them when making a booking request. The different levels are "Booking Managers", "Groups", "Groups and My Bookings" and "nobody". For a description of each option and how to set the desired level of access see the Resource Booking guide

To book resources on behalf of groups or events, the admin will need the 'Booking Resources Permissions' which is under the site manager under church administration. All other resource booking permissions are located under the resources section, by clicking on the settings cog when in the first group in the resources section. You can then select the permissions tab to add admins as required. You can see more about enabling permissions in the Web Office Permissions article.