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Selecting the information you wish to export from a query

You can define the information you wish to export or print from the query results page as follows:Query columns

  1. Select the Columns button at the top right of your query results, the "Select Columns" box should appear immediately.
  2. Within the " Select Columns" box select from the drop-down selection list the category of information you wish to add to the results. When you select an area the information associated with that category will be displayed on the left.
  3. To add and individual field click on it and then select the Add button and the field title should be moved to the right-hand side. To add more than one field at once click on the other fields you wish to select before clicking the Add button. To add all the fields in the category select Add all. To deselect a field you have highlighted click on it again.
  4. To remove a field from the right hand column, select it and click on the arrow pointing left at the bottom left of the panel.
  5. Once you have selected all the information you wish to export i.e. all those field titles appear in the right-hand column then click Update to refresh the results pane.
  6. From the task button choose the option to 'Print and Export' and select to 'Export results as a comma separated (csv) file'.