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Support > Payment Groups > How do I make a delegate a member of another group?

How do I make a delegate a member of another group?

Delegates/Donors/Subscribers who are registered within a payment group can be made members of another group. You may wish to make subscribers to a service a member of another group so they can access private content e.g.a web video stream, or you may wish to just make every donor a member of your main database so they are included on all mailings and have access to private forums just for members.

You can add a user who registers for a payment group a member of another group as follows:
  • First access the payment group Settings in the Web Office
  • Select the Options tab within the Payment Group settings
  • Click the addgroupmembershipbutton button next to the option/choice which when selected should give membership of another group; the group browser window should open moments later.
  • In the group browser window select the group you wish to make the user a member of and click OK.
  • Repeat this for every option that you wish to assign group membership from.
  • Save your changes when completed.
Note: membership of the group will only be maintained as long as their membership of the payment group is active. You should therefore make sure the payment scheme gives them membership for an Unlimited period if you want their registration to give them permanent membership unless the registration is suspended or cancelled.