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Can I merge users?

When 2 accounts exist for the same user on the same site you can merge them together. You can also merge users in bulk if you have a number of duplicates in your site.

First you need to select the 'Merge duplicate user accounts' task found under the 'members' tab.

This will then give you the options of either creating a batch of users to merge, or manually merging two records for one user.

If you create a batch, the system will generate a list of duplicate users, and will flag up any warnings and conflicts it finds. You can either remove rows with these warnings from the batch, or select to merge them manually, where you can select which fields of the conflicting information you wish to keep.

All data from the account being removed will be merged into the existing record apart from where that information exists already, e.g. if an email address existed in both records the one in the record being kept would be retained. Note the login name and password will also only work on the record being kept.