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Check-in kiosk Leader Features

Padlock Launch a closed check-in

  • From the default check-in landing page (, ensure you are logged-in with a web office login, then click the padlock button in the lower-right corner. All Check-ins will be shown that were / will be open from yesterday to one week’s time, including check-ins that have been manually closed.

LeaderRegister The Leader Register

From the main Check-in kiosk screen, click the Leader Register button, then enter the event leader password. You can:
  • See the status of everyone who has registered for this event (Registered/Checked-in/Checked-out and Attendee/Child/Leader)
  • See Medical / Allergy / Dietary Information (MADI) for everyone
  • See Guardian name and phone number for all children
  • Switch the list to show people who are absent or both present & absent
  • At the tap of a button, for each registered person:
  • Reprint their labels
  • Check them in / out manually
  • View the audit report
  • View the incident log, or log a new incident
  • Send an emergency SMS to their guardian’s mobile
  • Check-in their guardian or reprint their guardian’s name label

KioskMode Kiosk Mode

  • Switch between Registration, Checkin/out only, and Both modes (if allowed by Check-in profile settings)
  • Relaunch the kiosk with a different subset of Check-in groups for this event

KioskSettings Kiosk Settings

  • Change the printer settings for each label
  • Close the kiosk (if you have other kiosks open for this event, they will continue to run)
  • Manually close Check-in for this event completely
  • This will happen automatically whenever the Check-in close time passes for a group, so you only need to do this manually if you want to close the Check-in early.
  • Other kiosks that you have for this event will also stop working
  • Any guests who have ticked the “One-off” checkbox when registering will be deleted (or archived - see Check-in settings)
  • All group members who have not registered will be marked as Absent for this event
  • An update email will be sent to the registered person listing new guest registrations that need processing and stats – for example, group members who haven’t attended for a few weeks